Yater rudder 8.25'' smoke- True Ames

Yater rudder 8.25'' smoke- True Ames True Ames

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La dérive Yater est une dérive trés polyvalente et fiable pour votre egg, longboard ou single fin. Idéale en single ou en 2+1 il donnera à votre planche le parfait compromis entre drive et loose.

Its 1969. Okay. Illtempered Yater Pocket Rockets streak straight lines across the USA. 2008: Another year for me and you. Hanging from collectors walls, the Pocket Rocket has nothing to do, but its finour beloved Yater Classicis in massproduction. Its upright design, coupled with minimal flex, makes it a laymanfriendly, allpurpose gem. Uh oh my. And uh...uh boo hoo.

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Fiche technique

Hauteur 8''
Style Raked fin


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